Monday, October 12, 2009

red tinged.

Today, I sat in a bus packed to the gills and watched the pale morning faces of commuters as they gratefully clambered aboard a bus to stand closer than you would normally stand to strangers. Some surrendered seats, some did not. Two boys opposite me sat in deep meditation, eyes closed and ipods on. A woman beside me dabbed an exquisitely perfumed oil to her nose.

Many speak of public transport but few partake thereof. It requires time, patience, sometimes poverty and it always demands respect. The upclose and personal use of public transport involves respect.

There is currently a 'crise' with Hydra's public transport. The largest and greediest bus company in town, my friend Mr Stone calls "the Rupert Murdock of Wheels" has decided to close the gates on the drivers of their buses, leaving the minnows to pick up the slack. They do not care to pay their drivers a living wage and have thuggishly taken a baseball bat to the process of wage bargaining and negotiation.

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